lenartstudios creates brand-building work for a variety of industries, consumer, commerical, lifestyle, and medical.





ClockOne, the perfect accessory for any modern home or office.


One meter in length, 4 mm thin and will run for one year on a single coin cell battery.



Bridge, a smart headphone.


Bridge explores advances in 3D printing and mass customization.




Prism, modular color changing tiles.

Prism provides architects and designers a revolutionary way of transforming spaces.

C5, the first mobile clinical assistant.


Shipping for over 10 years.



CL900, point of sale tablet.


The cl 900 is thoughtfully designed for today’s retail environments.




J3400, purpose built.


The Motion J3400 is a rugged pen-based tablet PC for outdoors.




R12, redefining field rugged.


The Motion R12 is a robust tablet PC designed for use in extreme conditions.



Rosie, the E Ink music stand.


Rosie uses E Ink technology to display sheet music. Musicians can advance sheet music hands free.



9800i, state of the art scanning.


The Datalogic Magellan 9800i, a market leader for fixed scanners.



Jade, the leader in automated scanning.


The Datalogic Jade portal scanner introduces a revolutionary approach to barcode scanning.



Jump, disrupting the sharing economy.


Jump transfers battery power from one iPhone to another iPhone. The eco system addresses all the touch points. 



Kyocera's Dura language re-invented. 


Kyocera asked lenartstudios to create a cohesive language for three mobile devices; rugged, sport and wearable.



Seal, best when submerged. 


Lifeproof's environmentally protected headphones and external battery.



Bore, sometimes power tools can be fun. 


A power tool designed for the modern city dweller.